Snow Village 3D Screensaver

Snow Village 3D Screensaver

Snow Village Screensaver takes you to a beautiful place for Christmas

I am sure that everybody likes Christmas.
It is such a festive season that who knows how, but most people calm down and start being nicer than usual.
Would you like to celebrate Christmas in a different place? One that is completely calm and more appropriate for receiving Santa Claus?

Snow Village Screensaver takes you to a beautiful place for Christmas.

This beautiful screensaver will take you on a journey to a picturesque small village probably on the side of a mountain.
There is no traffic, there is no smog, and there are no street noises. Everything is really calm and settled down.
The town is very pretty.
All the rooftops and the streets are covered with snow, which makes the ambience even more peaceful.
It seems that nothing is moving around you.

You start approaching the town and cross a bridge to get there.
You keep walking around the lace enjoying thousands of Christmas lights in all the houses.
All the time you will be listening to beautiful and soothing music that will add serenity to the scene.
Then, you arrive to the center of the village where a small park is located.
And, in the middle of the park, you discover a majestic Christmas tree. It is very high, and fully decorated.

Snow Village Screensaver will probably maker you want to live to a place far away from the city.

Fernando Soni
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  • Beautiful setting
  • The village is very pretty
  • The ambience is totally Christmas


  • Nothing worth mentioning
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